lingrimm, absurd res, digital media (artwork), edit, hi res, pose, shaded, soft shading, 5 fingers, accessory, action pose, age difference, amber eyes, ambient bird, ambiguous gender, ambiguous species, anthro, apron, army, atmospheric perspective, avian, bangs, barefoot, bedding, biped, bird, bite, black boots, black bottomwear, black claws, black clothing, black footwear, black gloves, black hair, black handwear, black headwear, black jacket, black markings, black pants, blanket, blaze (marking), blonde eyebrows, blonde hair, blonde mane, blue eyes, blush, bottomwear, bridle, brown body, brown boots, brown bottomwear, brown clothing, brown eyes, brown footwear, brown fur, brown inner ear, brown mane, brown markings, brown skirt, brown stripes, brown tail, building, button (fastener), calico cat, cape, claws, clothed, clothing, cloud, coat, cobblestone, collar, collared shirt, countershade arms, countershade face, countershade hands, countershading, cowl, cross, depth of field, detailed background, digitigrade, domestic cat, dress, ears back, ears down, ears up, emblem, epaulette, equid, equine, eye markings, eyebrows, eyelashes, facial markings, felid, feline, felis, female, feral, fingerless (marking), fingers, flag, flying, footwear, front view, fully clothed, fur, furry, german, gloves, green bottomwear, green clothing, green eyes, green jacket, green topwear, grin, group, hair, handwear, hat, head markings, head tilt, headgear, headwear, holding another, holding flag, hooves, horizontal pupils, horse, human, humanoid hands, inner ear fluff, insignia, iron cross, jacket, larger ambiguous, larger anthro, larger female, larger feral, larger human, larger male, light, lips, long hair, long tail, looking at another, looking at viewer, looking down, looking up, male, mammal, mane, markings, medal, military boots, military cap, military jacket, military pants, military uniform, mixed media, monotone boots, mother, mother and child, mottled, multicolored apron, multicolored body, multicolored fur, nazi, nazi flag, nazi uniform, object in mouth, officer, older ambiguous, older anthro, older female, older human, older male, open mouth, orange body, orange fur, orange hair, orange markings, orange tail, outside, overcast, pale skin, pants, parent, parent and child, patch (fabric), pattern bottomwear, pattern clothing, paws, photo manipulation, piebald, pink lips, pink nose, pivoted ears, plantigrade, pockets, prehensile tail, prick ears, pupils, quadruped, raised eyebrows, red accessory, red apron, red bottomwear, red cape, red clothing, red collar, red hat, red hood, reins, riding, robe, saddle, schutzstaffel, shadow, shirt, shocked, short hair, side view, size difference, skirt, skull and crossbones, sky, smaller ambiguous, smaller anthro, smaller female, smaller human, smaller male, smile, soldier, spread wings, standing, stirrups, straight hair, striped body, striped bottomwear, striped clothing, striped fur, striped markings, striped skirt, striped tail, stripes, surprise, swastika, tan body, tan countershading, tan fur, tassels, teeth, toes, topwear, totenkopf, town, tree, uniform, walking, warrior, wehrmacht, whiskers, white body, white clothing, white countershading, white face, white fur, white shirt, white topwear, wide eyed, window, wings, world war 2, yellow clothing, young, younger ambiguous,

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>> #51 Anonymous Posted on 2020-07-11 16:50:32

Wtf is this shit!?
>> #52 Anonymous Posted on 2020-07-12 00:29:48

Yeah, what the actual??

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