zafara (artist), angel (lilo and stitch), experiment (lilo and stitch), vitani, disney, lilo and stitch, the lion king, crossover, digital drawing (artwork), digital media (artwork), hi res, shaded, 2023, 4 fingers, alien, antennae (anatomy), antennae grab, antennae markings, anthro, ass, biped, black claws, blue eyes, bodily fluids, brown body, brown fur, carrying, cel shading, claws, countershading, cum, cum in ass, cum inside, cum on face, day, desert, dipstick ears, dipstick tail, eyelashes, felid, female, female penetrated, feral, finger claws, fingerless (marking), fingerless gloves (marking), fingers, foursome, fur, genital fluids, gloves (marking), grey body, grey fur, group, group sex, kangaroo, leg markings, light body, light countershading, lion, long antennae, long ears, lying, macropod, male, male/female, male penetrating, male penetrating female, mammal, mane, markings, marsupial, multicolored ears, on front, on head, outside, pantherine, penetration, pink body, pink fur, purple claws, purple eyes, purple markings, purple nose, sex, signature, size difference, smile, socks (marking), standing, standing sex, tail, tail markings, tan body, tan fur, toe claws, toeless (marking), toeless socks (marking), white body, white fur, yellow sclera,

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