You may find yourself in need of assistance when using our site. Search is a main portion of our usability so we want you to understand how to search around for content. So here is a basic run down of various meta tags and search types you can do. Always keep in mind that a space in tags are really an underscore.

Our goal is to make search 100% compatible with Gelbooru's current search system so you don't have to learn a new way of searching.

Basic Usage Documentation

The following code if entered into the search box will match any categories with tags that start with ab and end with d.

You are able to remove potential results by simply adding a - in front of what you wish to negate. This will search for anything that does not have cat_ears as a tag.

This will search the site contents with a title of ab*. The asterisk is a wildcard and will match anything that starts with ab.


Will search for any category with a rating of explicit. Supports explicit, questionable, and safe. Most content is rated explicit, so this metasearch is almost never needed.

You are able to search for posts by a certain user as well.

You can search as well by the post's id. This will find post ID number 1.

Advanced Usage Documentation

Slightly more advanced is OR searching. This search allows you to search for tags that have one tag OR another tag. This query will show posts with cat_ears that have a car, what, or absolutely_everyone in them.
cat_ears {car ~ what ~ absolutely_everyone}

You can combine everything above to make a larger query to bring your results down to a managable result count. The idea is that the more specific you are in searching, the less you will get in associated results.
glasses green_eyes -skirt -title:sa* {car ~ what ~ absolutely_everyone}

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