Image: 8253181

>> #178734 Stickmale Posted on 2024-06-17 18:42:02

~please go slower, my cock may not be able to handle it...~

Image: 8292713

>> #178733 Stickmale Posted on 2024-06-17 18:36:40

yeah roblos!!!11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
me favor4iteee!!!!!!!!

Image: 7399366

>> #178732 MeWhen84 Posted on 2024-06-17 18:35:43

damn why she blindfolded and shit

Image: 8289663

>> #178731 MeWhen84 Posted on 2024-06-17 18:18:40

Bro thinks he's him

Image: 7602848

>> #178730 Pussymaow Posted on 2024-06-17 17:02:10

Outer a park and some trees in the streets a girl like me didn't have to worry about wolves. Yes, when I was young my favorite fairytale was Little Red Ridinghood, and at the zoo I was always stood a little longer at the wolves, but further... Then I started to see the city as a different kind of forest with it's streets, alleys, backdoor alleys, hidden porches, hallways, demolition districts... And then there was Wolfgang, a boy in my class who had some interest in me, followed me, stalked me... Then there was that day mom did send me to grandma, deliver her some stuff. She did live almost on the other side of the city. And although mom did warn me not to go along there I took the shortcut through that worndown street. Passing one of those demolition buildings there was Wolfgang pulling me inside to the back of the house. There we kissed and touched... until he noticed I was ready for more. His hand inside my panties... he did pull down my jeans and panties, my bottom naked. Pushing me over a crate he went inside me, started to do what a boy had to do... with a girl who was in need for it. Since that day a Red Ridinghood was often seen walking through these kinds of streets, knowing a Wolfgang was nearby.

Image: 1772646

>> #178729 Midasfromshadow Posted on 2024-06-17 16:41:13

If you cum now I'll give your ass a great time cutie. Come on your dick stinks so bad I know you want it~

Image: 1669230

>> #178728 Midasfromshadow Posted on 2024-06-17 16:39:33

Cum. Cum little catboy. You know you want to, don't resist. Let your stinky little cock cum, empty those cute balls. There we go now you're mine.

Image: 951197

>> #178727 Midasfromshadow Posted on 2024-06-17 16:37:27

This is what you get when your little dick stinks as fuck Mercy! Scream all you want nobody will hear you~

Image: 8077142

>> #178726 Pussymaow Posted on 2024-06-17 16:26:48

"Mmm.... grandmother... I know now why you left town and went living here in this house in the forest. They said you were in witchcraft, but couldn't proof.... mmm... but now I know you do. Turning yourself into a she-wolf... wished I could this..." I moaned while feel her tongue licking my clit and labia, feeling a heat coming up inside of me. Her wolflike face smiled. "But you can my dear, no, not by giving your soul to the devil, that's superstition. Just go next full moon to the old temple ruïn and call for the Fenris and he will come for you. Then offer yourself to him, let him take you, accept his seed and he will bless you, becoming one of his pack. But I have to warn you, while you being one of the young she-wolves, he needs some of you also for making pups. I'm not sure if you want this." Inside me I did feel an eruption coming up. "Yes, grandmother, yes... I would... I would..."

Image: 8300533

>> #178725 Jaydencums Posted on 2024-06-17 16:04:16

anyone wanna drp as gf with me? ill be bf discord: jaydengodgamer22

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