kyoshinhei, sally acorn, tails, archie comics, sonic (series), sonic the hedgehog (archie), sonic the hedgehog (comics), sonic the hedgehog (series), 2020, english text, hi res, text, age difference, anthro, anthro on anthro, balls, bite, biting lip, boots, breasts, chipmunk, clothing, dialogue, duo, encouragement, erection, eye contact, female, footwear, footwear only, genitals, ground squirrel, handjob, knee boots, knee highs, larger female, legwear, looking at another, lying, male, male/female, mammal, mostly nude, nipples, older female, on back, on side, penile, penis, rodent, sciurid, sex, shoes, shoes only, signature, size difference, smaller male, smile, younger male,

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