ultilix, blue background, comic, english text, simple background, speech bubble, text, yellow background, 2021, 4 toes, amphibian, anthro, armor, balls, big breasts, blue body, blue scales, blush, bottomwear, breastplate, breasts, brother, brother and sister, caspar the frog, casual nudity, chubby male, claws, closed eyes, clothed, clothing, demon, dialogue, dragon, emerald (ultilix), erection, exhibitionism, fangs, feet, female, frog, genitals, gesture, green body, green clothing, green eyes, green scales, green shirt, green topwear, grin, group, hair, half-closed eyes, hand on hip, looking away, looking down, looking up, male, membrane (anatomy), membranous wings, narrowed eyes, nipples, nude, offscreen character, on ground, open mouth, orange balls, orange body, orange penis, orange scales, panties, pants, pauldron, penis, pink clothing, pink nipples, pink panties, pink underwear, purple bottomwear, purple clothing, purple eyes, purple hair, purple pants, pussy, raised arm, ruby (ultilix), scales, scalie, shirt, sibling, sister, sitting, smile, standing, thumbs up, to-be-named-later, toes, topless, topless male, topwear, underwear, undressed, waving, western dragon, white claws, wings,

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