krazyelf, shadow the hedgehog, sonic the hedgehog, sega, sonic (series), sonic the hedgehog (series), hi res, speech bubble, 5 fingers, anklet, anthro, anthro on anthro, ass, bed, black body, black fur, black nose, blue body, blue fur, blue nails, blue toenails, bracelet, breath, butt grab, chair, chest tuft, closed eyes, clothing, colored nails, duo, embrace, eulipotyphlan, feet, fingers, footwear, french kissing, fur, furniture, gloves, hand on butt, handwear, heart, hedgehog, humanoid feet, humanoid hands, inside, intraspecies, jewelry, kissing, male, male/male, male only, mammal, motion lines, nails, nude, office chair, on bed, pillow, red fingernails, red nails, shaking, socks, tan body, tan fur, tongue, tongue out, trembling, tuft, white body, white clothing, white footwear, white fur, white socks, yaoi,

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