roxanne wolf (fnaf), digital drawing (artwork), digital media (artwork), hi res, simple background, 2022, anthro, big butt, big tail, blazkenzxy, blush, breasts, canid, canine, canis, clothed, clothing, collar, ear piercing, ear ring, female, freddy in space 2, fur, green hair, hair, lipstick, long hair, looking at viewer, makeup, mammal, markings, multicolored body, multicolored fur, scottgames, signature, solo, space, spacesuit, spiked collar, thick thighs, two tone body, two tone fur, two tone hair, video games, white hair, wolf, yellow eyes,

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>> #56788 Anonymous Posted on 2022-01-14 17:53:31

I really love this version of Roxanne Wolf being the best in Freddy in space 2
>> #56812 Anonymous Posted on 2022-01-14 19:23:18

Roxy looks so hot being in moon being my favorite wolf girl

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