shadow the hedgehog, silver the hedgehog, sega, sonic the hedgehog (series), 1:1, hi res, anthro, aroused face, aroused smile, balls, bed, big pupils, black body, black fur, blush, blush lines, bodily fluids, boots, bracelet, breath cloud, caressing face, chest fur, clothing, cum, cum on partner, cum on penis, dilated pupils, dominant, dominant male, duo, erection, eulipotyphlan, fixink, footwear, fur, furniture, genital fluids, genitals, gloves, grabbing sheets, grey body, grey fur, handwear, hedgehog, humanoid genitalia, humanoid penis, jewelry, kneeling, lidded eyes, lying, male, male/male, male on bottom, male on top, mammal, multicolored body, multicolored fur, on back, on bed, on bottom, on top, open mouth, open smile, penis, pupils, red body, red eyes, red fur, smile, spread legs, spreading, submissive, submissive male, sweat, white body, white fur, yellow eyes,

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