palla (fire emblem), fire emblem, fire emblem: mystery of the emblem, nintendo, censored, 1girls, alternate costume, angry, armor, arms behind back, ass visible through thighs, bangs, bare legs, bondage, bottomless, breasts, captured, covered nipples, crying, crying with eyes open, defeated, dildo, elbow gloves, female, female focus, femsub, forced, glaring, gloves, green eyes, green hair, headband, horse, horseback riding, humiliation, kasu (kasunohikari), large breasts, legs, long hair, looking at viewer, male, maledom, multiple boys, nipples, no panties, official alternate costume, outdoors, pegasus, pelvic curtain, pelvic curtain lift, public, public humiliation, public nudity, pussy, pussy juice, rape, rope, rope bondage, saddle, see-through, sex toy, skirt lift, soldier, solo focus, spear, vaginal penetration, walk of shame, weapon, wind lift,

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