ultilix, rivals of aether, 2023, 3 toes, anal orgasm, anthro, anthro on anthro, anthro penetrated, anthro penetrating, anthro penetrating anthro, baboon, ball size difference, balls, big balls, big penis, black balls, black body, black fur, black inner ear, blue eyes, blue pupils, blush, bodily fluids, brown body, brown fur, cum, cum from ass, cum in ass, cum inside, cum on leg, cum on penis, cum splatter, cumshot, cute fangs, detailed background, dipstick ears, domestic cat, duo, ejaculation, erection, eyebrows, fangs, feet, felid, feline, felis, fur, genital fluids, genitals, glans, green eyes, green pupils, grin, hair, half-closed eyes, hands-free, haplorhine, heart, hodan (rivals of aether), hot spring, humanoid genitalia, humanoid penis, larger anthro, larger male, leg markings, looking at another, looking down, looking pleasured, looking up, male, male/male, male penetrated, male penetrating, male penetrating male, mammal, mane, markings, monkey, motion lines, multicolored ears, narrowed eyes, nude, old world monkey, open mouth, orgasm, outside, partially submerged, penetration, penis, penis size difference, pink glans, pink nose, pink penis, primate, pupils, raised eyebrows, red body, red fur, rogue (rpaws), sex, sharp teeth, shoulder grab, sitting, size difference, smaller anthro, smaller male, smaller penetrated, smile, socks (marking), teeth, toes, tongue, tongue out, water, white body, white fur, white hair,

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