2020, blue background, comic, digital media (artwork), english text, hi res, meme, orange background, simple background, speech bubble, text, watermark, 5 fingers, aircraft, aircraft humanoid, airplane, anthro, areola, ass, bed, belly, big breasts, biped, black areola, black body, black clothing, black nipples, blue body, blue bottomwear, blue clothing, blue eyes, blue pants, blush, bodily fluids, bottomwear, breasts, bubble butt, camel toe, camo, clothing, comic sans, cum, dialogue, duo, embarrassed, erection, eyebrows, eyelashes, eyeliner, female, fingers, foreskin, furniture, genital fluids, genitals, glans, glistening, glistening body, grey body, grey nipples, grey nose, grey penis, hammer and sickle, hand on leg, hand on thigh, hat, headgear, headwear, humanoid, humanoid genitalia, humanoid penis, imminent sex, jet, leaking cum, leggings, legwear, living aircraft, living machine, living vehicle, lizzyglizzy, looking back, looking down, machine, makeup, male, male/female, metallic body, mother, mother and child, mother and son, multiple scenes, navel, nipples, nude, oliver (lizzyglizzy), on bed, open mouth, pants, parent, parent and child, penis, phone, phone screen, pockets, precum, pussy, rear view, red clothing, red eyes, red star, rental mommy, russian, shadow, shirt, side view, signature, smile, smirk, solo, son, soviet union, su-57, text on clothing, text on shirt, text on topwear, thick thighs, thumb in pocket, topwear, ushanka, vehicle, vira (lizzyglizzy), white body, white clothing, white shirt, white topwear, wings, yellow clothing,

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