ace of spades, absurd res, hi res, angry, angry sex, anthro, bald, balls, belt, big penis, blue eyes, blush, bodily fluids, boots, bottomwear, breasts, brown body, brown eyes, brown skin, canid, canine, canis, clenched teeth, clothed, clothed/nude, clothed female nude male, clothing, crying, cum, cum from pussy, cum in pussy, cum inside, cutoffs, daisy dukes, denim, denim clothing, domestic dog, duo, ejaculation, exposed breasts, eyelashes, facial tattoo, female, female on human, flannel shirt, footwear, forced, full nelson, full nelson (legs held), fur, genital fluids, genitals, glowing, glowing tattoo, head grab, health inspector (the boondocks), high heeled boots, high heels, hotpants, human, human on anthro, humanoid genitalia, humanoid penis, ineffective clothing, interspecies, jeans, johanna (maddug), larger male, legwear, male, male/female, male on anthro, mammal, mostly nude, muscular, muscular human, muscular male, narrowed eyes, navel, nipples, nude, pants, penetration, penis, platform footwear, platform heels, poodle, pubes, pussy, pussy juice, raceplay, rape, remote controlled vibrator, restrained, sex, sex toy, sex toy in pussy, sex toy insertion, sharp teeth, shocked, shorts, shrug (clothing), signature, size difference, skimpy, small breasts, smaller female, tattoo, tears, teeth, the boondocks, thigh boots, thigh highs, tight fit, toy, vaginal penetration, vibrator, vibrator in pussy, wayesh, white body, yellow body, yellow fur,

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