beerus, dragon ball, dragon ball super, dragon ball z, epic games, fortnite, animated, pose, accessories only, action pose, anthro, anus, arm ring, armwear, ass, balls, bouncing balls, butt pose, clothing, cuff (restraint), deity, domestic cat, felid, feline, felis, genitals, god of destruction, gun, hairless, hairless cat, male, mammal, nude, okami-san1500 (artist), pinup, presenting, presenting hindquarters, purple balls, purple body, purple skin, ranged weapon, ready to fire, restraints, rifle, shaking balls, shaking butt, short playtime, sniper, sniper rifle, sniper scope, solo, tail, tail motion, tailwag, twerking, wagging hips, weapon, wrist cuffs, wristband,

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