merrunz, vulpera, blizzard entertainment, warcraft, absurd res, hi res, text, url, 2024, 5:3, ambiguous gender, anthro, anthro penetrated, anus, arena, ass, ass up, bedroom eyes, blue eyes, blush, bodily fluids, bound, butt focus, canid, cervix, claws, clitoral hood, clitoris, cum, cum in pussy, cum inside, cum string, ear piercing, ear ring, ejaculation, excessive cum, excessive genital fluids, female, female penetrated, flakey the vulpera, fluffy, fluffy tail, from behind position, fur, genital fluids, genitals, grass, hand on butt, happy, impregnation, innie pussy, internal, knotting, leaking cum, looking back, looking pleasured, lying, male, male/female, mammal, narrowed eyes, nidsi the vulpera, nude, oral, orange body, orange fur, outside, pawpads, paws, penetration, penis, piercing, pink pussy, plant, plump labia, pussy, rear view, red body, red fur, ring piercing, rope, saliva, seductive, sex, tail, teeth, tongue, tongue out, vaginal fluids, vaginal penetration, white body, white fur,

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