arwen undomiel, lord of the rings, 3d, animated, highres, 1girls, anal, angry, angry sub, arched back, arms up, athletic female, belly chain, big breasts, blue eyes, blue nails, bondage, bouncing breasts, bound, breasts, brown hair, bubble butt, captured, captured heroine, chains, defeated, defeated heroine, doggy style, doggy style position, domination, elf, elf ears, elf female, elf girl, female, femsub, fishnets, from behind, from behind position, goblin, goblin male, grabbing, grabbing from behind, grabbing legs, grabbing neck, huge ass, humiliation, kidnapped, large breasts, large nipples, leggings, light-skinned female, male, mirror, nail polish, neck grab, nipple chain, nude female, orc, orc male, prisoner, rape, restrained, restrained arms, sauronz, standing, struggling, thick thighs, worried, wrist cuffs,

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